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Month: December 2016

5 Quick Grilling Tips to get that perfect BBQ Party going

5 Quick Grilling Tips to get that perfect BBQ Party going

You have a grill machine and you have all the accessories, yet every time you try to cook, either your food gets burnt or remains uncooked. If that is the case, fret no more because we have 5 best grilling tips for you to turn your BBQ party from a disaster to a wonder. Because it’s not a party if there is no edible food right?

Slick it Up with Oil

You might wonder why you need to oil anything when you are not cooking but grilling, well it would suffice to say that both go hand-in-hand. Many food items are sticky and bound to stick and it would be better to slick up the grill with oil before than suffering the aftermath of sticky food droppings all over your grill. You can do this by using a pair of tongs and rub a paper napkin soaked in oil on the grill grates. However, it’s best done on a pellet smoker

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Alternatively, you can brush some olive oil up on your food items before keeping them on the grill. No one wants to eat half burnt food, so skip on this one.

Freeze those Skewers

If you own Bamboo skewers and dread every time you host a BBQ party because well the preparation kills you, then I have the perfect solution for you. Instead of soaking your skewers every time you need them in the party, you can simply soak a large batch of skewers for nearly an hour or something and store it for the party.

Now natural question would be wouldn’t it get spoilt if kept soaked so early? Not necessarily. If you drain them of water and keep them in a plastic bag and put that plastic bag in your freezer, you should be good to go. So, go ahead and send out the invitations. BBQ party preparations just got simpler.

Marinate that meat

Now, we all know the most important part of the BBQ is how you are going to grill that meat. A lot of people don’t understand the importance of marinating your food with the correct ingredient and then complain it doesn’t taste like what they expected.

Go for acidic marinades as it not only adds a tangy flavour to your food but also helps in tenderising it for the grill. You can use a little vinegar or citrus juice and a little oil and some flavours to make the marinade. The oil will help in preserving the moisture and the richness of your meat item.

Glaze Over

Once you are done with cooking your food and about to take it off the grill, just glaze it with the help of a brush. Adding a little glaze helps in adding a flavour to your food and provides a shiny coat to your food making it look instantly more appetising.

But do keep in mind that you don’t keep the glazed food for too long on the grill, otherwise you might end up with a burnt flavour after all.

It’s Best at Rest

Now, a lot of people have a habit of not letting food remain still on the grill for more than 2 seconds. Don’t be those people. While grilling, it’s important that you let the food grill properly without disturbing it too much. Don’t be in a hurry and let it cook properly, if after a few minutes you still satiate your curiosity, take a pair of tongs and test to see if the food pulls away from the grill or not. If you have oiled the food and it is cooked now, it will mostly come off easily or will stick a little bit but make sure you don’t pull off the food if there is any kind of resistance, let it grill for a little while longer.

Another advantage of letting the food rest is that the juices in the food get time to re-arrange themselves making the food much tastier and juicier. Imagine eating that big fat burger which all the juices flowing from its sides, my mouth has started watering by just thinking about it. So go ahead and host your perfect Barbeque party right now.